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Download MSI AfterBurner from MSI. This is an incredible handy overclock utility for MSI graphics cards.

Afterburner is powered by our own Rivatuner engine, but this software comes with a few extra's. AfterBurner will support both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, Voltage regulation on the GPU, overclocking on core, shader and memory domains, GPU load levels (ATI), fan speed adjustment, device information .. and a really wicked graphical (configurable) monitor.

So with combined forces MSI will bring you their new AfterBurner overclock software. AfterBurner, as in giving that airplane an extra boost of power. The end-result (we feel) is a great looking user-friendly overclocking experience, with on-the-fly advanced user options .. including something I know many of you will like, VRM voltage control.

* Overclocking:
o Up to 85% overclocking capability
o Over voltage function to significantly increase overclocking potential
o Core/Shader/Memory clock adjustment
o Core/Shader clock Link/Unlink capability

* Monitor:
o Clock/Voltage/Temperature/Fan Speed/Frame rate real-time monitor
o Maximum/Minimum value for easy record of system condition
o Real-time On-Screen-Display information in games
o Real-time information in Windows Tray Icon
o Detach mode for hardcore monitor style

* Profile:
o 5 Profile to easy save/load user customized setting
o Profile hot-key for easy and quick switch in games
o 2D/3D automatic profile switching for difference scenario

* Special Function:
o Advanced fan speed control for different speed under different temperature trigger points
o Mutil-GPU independent or synchronous control for clock/voltage/fan speed
o Information button for graphics card driver version, BIOS version, identification, OSD status and update link
o User Customized skin function
o Apply overclocking setting at system startup

Please bare in mind that this software works with MSI graphics cards and a handful of reference based cards, you could be lucky though ;)


Download:MSI AfterBurner






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