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zoom RSS The PhysX game is tested with RADEON HD4870X2!

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Three kinds of games (Cellfactor Revolution,Warmonger,MKZBenchmark_lowResolution) that became the PhysX correspondences were tested with HD4870X2. The load seems not to hang to GPU only in MKZ though operation is comfortable.

★Test system
> Processor : QuadCore AMD Phenom X4 9850 Agena (OC 3.1GHz) 15.5x200MHz(no voltage up)
> Mainboard : Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6(BIOS F6B)
> Physical Memory : FSH1066 PC2-8500 1GB×2 DDR2 Memory
> Video Card : MSI  R4870X2-T2D2G-OC
> Hard Disk : WD3000GLFS-01F8U0
> Power supply:GIGABYTE ODIN GT_800W(GE-S800A-D1)
> Operating System : Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate SP1
>PC Case:Fatal1ty Computer Enclosure(FC-ZE1)


Cellfactor Revolution

Cellfactor Revolution is a personally favorite game. It is the one to have bought PhysX to have played by forgetting time. This game came to be able to enjoy a full version after all without being commercialized by every affection in a free game.



AGEIA united with NetDevil, and offered Warmonger. This is a complete game based on Unreal3Engine in which the AGEIA PhysX card is supported arbitrary.


Long-awaited first Person shooting game (FPS) and Metal Knight Zero that China Object Software Co. offers(MKZ)
As for MKZ, a physical effect of the most wonderful image image quality and PhysX is offered by Nvidia GeForce PhysX based on the strong game engine developed by the support and the Object Software Co.. PhysX。Nvidia is spoken. :However, there seems to be no difference of the processing of hardware and software.
■Official site:Metal Knight Zero

Then, let's actually play three kinds of games with my PC.

Metal Knight Zero executes BenchMark (low resolution).

At all, the system that tests in this game uses neither NVIDIA system graphics card nor PhysX (physical operation card). Then, what one is the hanging condition of the load ・・・


Such a result has gone out in the sensor log in EVEREST Ultimate Edition.

It is such feeling in Cellfactor Revolution and Warmonger.




・Cellfactor Revolution

How though done by the nature that operates and is not the great difference in HD4870X2 though there is a thing that buys the AGEIA PhysX accelarator in the past and uses it?However, in a physical operation though there might be a lot of rates that the load hangs to CPU ・・・

Nvidia has already bought AGEIA Technologies.


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