techPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor v1.16 UPされています

こんにちはblog yaloo管理人の影武者です。東京株式市場では10日の今日、株価の下げ率が戦後3番目の全面安展開となり日経平均では7営業日で3000円を超す値下がりを記録したようです。

さてtechPowerUpではRadeon Bios Editor v1.16がUPされています。過去のRevisionから多くのバグ修正そして追加された項目が含まれています。

Revision History:v 1.16

* Minor bug fix concerning voltage settings on 2900 XT and some other cards.
* Minor bug fix concerning method 2 hack.
* Fixed bug that caused RBE to crash occasionally when cancelling the search for WinFlash.
* Fixed minor Acquire/Flash BIOS bug.
* Replaced EXE-packer because some virus scanners have been reported to raise false alarm for theold one.

* Fixed some minor file opening probs.
* Fixed a bug with checksum calculation. Actually, this was a bug by ATI again due to PCI standards violation. Damn, what a pain in the ass to find that glitch...

* Added option to enable the user to decide whether to write fan controller bug workaround settings or not.
* Added some device-IDs (thanks to TheCow).
* Added "recent files" section in the main window's start menu.
* Added system tray icon. God knows who will use it... :-/

* Added "-systray" parameter for RBE startup in systray mode only.
* Added option to make RBE run on windows bootup.
* Added saving the program's window position.
* Did some GUI work to make RBE look a little cooler (hopefully). Unfortunately, RBE's file size increased significantly because of this due to embedded libraries. I'm not sure if it is worth it so far but it enabled more cool looking features to come in the future. Here's what has been done in particular:

* Enabled themed styles for all supported user controls.
* Added some icons to several buttons.
* Added some more or less matching icons throughout the GUI.
* Replaced voltage combo boxes by boxes that can be right-aligned.
* Replaced some scrollbars by more modern sliders.
* Replaced program icon.






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